Intention, tasks and functions of the software

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Intention, tasks and functions of the software

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Vega: CashFlow software product is a simple and effective complex solution of all tasks of the company cash flow control. Within this software you will be able to plan, forecast, perform current control of expenditures and analysis of cash flow movement with minimum time required.

Holding version additionally allows performing automatic formation of consolidated reports on cash flow movement and forecasting of financial situation development for a group of companies.

Vega: CashFlow will allow:

1. Formation of any cash flows financial structure and allocation of budgets necessary for you.
2. Provision of employees with powers on preliminary budget formation and detachment of any required financial responsibility centres.
3. Easy optimization and confirmation of cash flows budgets.
4. Protection of plan against unauthorized modification upon completion of the planning period.
5. Formation of payment ledgers and execution of their operative control and confirmation with knowledge of all information necessary for decision making as for each payment.
6. Automatic drawing of reports on cash flow, budgets of financial responsibility centres, operating budgets, projects and contracting parties.
7. Restriction of users’ access only to financial information necessary for them.
8. Forecasting of future financial situation of the company taking into account actual cash flow formed within a month or year.
9. Modelling of scenarios for development of financial situation in the company.
10. Simplification of control in financial field – composite indicator forewarns you about probability of occurrence of adverse trends.
11. Dashboard displays the most important financial information on the screen, therefore, enabling to collapse time expenditure for familiarization with financial situation in the company.
12. Maintenance of records on the budget of investment projects or orders.
13. Arrangement of payment ledgers and optimize budgets through remote Internet access.

The main functions of this software are:

1. Planning of income, expenditure and balance of funds of the company;
2. Actual disclosure of cash flow and current control of its expenditure;
3. Forecasting and modelling of future financial situation in the company taking into account actual cash flow;
modelling of scenarios for development of financial situation;
4. Cash flow analysis.

Data security in the software

The software provides data encryption when data is transmitted either via local networks or via the Internet. In addition, it has advanced encryption protocol AES 256 which is one of the most protected data encryption protocols now. The US National Security Agency resolved that AES encryption is reliable enough to be used for protection of data representing a state secret and sometimes to the extent of TOP SECRET level.

Setting of user rights allows restricting not only data access but even if user has no access to a particular functional, thus, user will not see even menu buttons referring to this functional.

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